Water Damage Information


Water Damage Information

Water damage can originate from a leaky roof or sewer back up, but most often from a broken pipe or water supply line running to sinks, toilets, ice makers, washing machines and the list goes on. The most severe water damage seems to occur when you’re away from home.

Depending on the duration of the leak or back up it can be as simple as removing the wet flooring, vacuum up the remaining water and installing drying equipment.  Multi-floor floods originating on the upper floors can be catastrophic, damaging the areas below and continue for a longer period before the damage is noticed. Either way with small water damage or a larger floods time is of the essence. Depending on the length of time before the water is noticed and the time of year, mold can become another problem, not just having the mold but your insurance coverage, which may or may not cover mold.

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