Vehicle Impact

Texas Pride Restoration is exactly who you need to repair your home when it is impacted by a vehicle. We are a full-service restoration contractor located in Keller, TX. We fix homes hit by vehicles all over the D/FW metroplex.

Homeowners with damage caused by a vehicle hitting their house may not know exactly what to do to get the repairs they need. Chances are, you’re waiting to hear from the Insurance company of the driver who hit your house. Or their insurance company is telling YOU to go out and get an estimate for repairs. You may have found a general contractor that knows how to build a house but is not familiar with types of repairs needed in your specific situation.

Texas Pride has been handling these types of repairs for years. We know how to move the repair process along because we speak the same language as the insurance company. We know how to write the scope of work using industry specific software that will ensure your home is 100% restored to its pre-loss condition. We know who to contact and how to communicate to get the claims process moving fast and ensure that you get the money you need for your repairs.

Common issues homeowners don’t even know to consider:

1. You need an engineer’s inspection. Often time there is damage to areas of the house not immediately impacted due to torque forces on the home. We can provide an engineer’s report.


2. The drivers insurance company may be telling you to go out and get three estimates. That is their job, not yours. If you go get three estimates, they’re only going to pay the lowest one. Texas Pride ensures that the Insurance adjusters do their job and we make sure they do it correctly with enough money to make sure ALL NEEDED REPAIRS are covered.


3. You need to know the driver’s liability cap and how to make sure your portion of the claim is paid to you before other parties are paid. We can make sure that happens.


4. There is usually damage to plumbing lines, gas lines etc. between the walls that homeowners can’t see. We can help identify it and add money for coverage if needed.


5. All repairs should be permitted and inspected by the city to ensure your assets value is protected and you can prove repairs were done correctly if you decide to sell your home. Savvy buyers’ agents will see you had a claim on the home and will demand proof of proper repairs for their buyers. We will make sure all city permits are pulled and all inspections are passed for maximum resale value.


6. Vehicle impacts are a liability claim on the driver’s insurance. However, you can demand that your homeowner’s insurance pay the full value of the claim with no deductible and let your insurance carrier deal with the drivers insurance. It’s a process called subrogation. We can help make sure we eliminate that headache for you.


We know what we’re doing. Don’t let the insurance companies shortchange you on your repairs just because you don’t know who to call. One call to Texas Pride Restoration will get the repair process started quickly and correctly. Don’t go with any old General Contractor. We are a restoration contractor specializing in vehicle impact damage repairs and experts at working with the insurance industry to make sure our customers are completely taken care of.

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