Make Readies

I honestly believe that Property Managers are the most under-appreciated, overworked segment of the professional population. Seriously. Seeing the need of property managers for reliable make ready services is, in part what lead me to start Texas Pride. Our make ready services are as close to full service as you can possibly get without having master grade trades. Here’s a list of all we do. Read it, then call me.

Paint, flooring, carpets, windows, junk/debris haul off, deodorization, carpentry, doors, tile, yard work, cleaning, duct cleaning, code compliance items, and more.

If it needs to get done, we’ll figure out a way to do it. Plus, we manage everything in house. This means no GC markup, we control our guys schedules to ensure maximum promptness, and we’re out of there when we say we’re gonna be outta there. Seriously, call me.

View Some of Our Work Below