Joyce Brant
Joyce Brant
July 14, 2020.
I can not say enough great things about Texas Pride. I travel for work so imagine my surprise when I come home Friday to a wet floor – Texas pride was at my house within the hour. They worked quickly to get fans set up, and visited daily to make sure that everything was ok. He explained everything that needed to be replaced and worked with our insurance company to make sure things went smoothly. They did a great job on replacing cabinets and floors. I highly recommend them to anyone!
Katherine Robinson
Katherine Robinson
July 13, 2020.
We had a flood in our living room and Texas Restoration came out The same day. They assessed the damage right away and removed soaked drywall/mold within an hour and left dryers to dry the wall thoroughly. They were really great to come back frequently to monitor the fans and moisture in the wall. In fact, they pulled the fans a half day earlier than I expected because of how vigilant they were. I appreciated this so much because having powerful industrial fans in the middle of your house with toddlers is a stressful thing. Best of all, they put everything back the way it was before the flood happened. From removal to repair, the crew was professional, efficient, and friendly. They even took the time to work through all of my concerns (mold, etc). They were recommended to me by a friend, and I’m so grateful they did. They’re a fantastic company.
Xavier Castelazo
Xavier Castelazo
July 11, 2020.
We had water getting under our floor boards due to a leaky water heater. Within an hour of calling Texas Pride, Will was at our home checking the severity of the damage and assessing the situation. Shortly after, the crew was out drying the area and setting up the fans. The quick response brought great comfort to me and my family. From there, Cory kept in contact with me everyday, checking on the status of the drying process. They came out multiple to check on it themselves until the area was completely dry. If you need help with an emergency at your home, don’t hesitate to call Texas Pride. They are courteous, professional and quick. Thanks guys!
Carl Stanley
Carl Stanley
July 11, 2020.
They were very responsive and professional in the three days we dealt with in assisting us with a small flood in our home.
John Lenheiser
John Lenheiser
July 6, 2020.
Great communication throughout the process.

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Texas Pride Restoration is committed to helping our clients with a safe and complete property restoration experience.

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A water damage restoration, mold remediation, and construction company dedicated to providing the best restoration experience.

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When disaster strikes our crews are always ready to be dispatched and mitigate any disaster situation that may arise.

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Texas Pride is more than a restoration company. We were founded on an idea of being exactly what you need when you need it. By staying lean and nimble, we are able to do the work that needs done, regardless of niche or industry. We know people. We have resources. We have a network of extremely high quality subs and in house crews that respond to your emergency or execute your project with precision.

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Claim Repairs

We have a certified and qualified team to fix your claim repair. We will get the job done right, efficiently, and at the price quoted.

Water Damage

There’s lots of water damage companies out there. But none of them are like Texas Pride. We’re full service. That means immediate response, professional technicians, thorough drying, minimal demolition and high-quality repairs.

Make Readies

Paint, flooring, carpets, windows, junk/debris haul off, deodorization, carpentry, doors, tile, yard work, cleaning, duct cleaning, code compliance items, and more.

Vehicle Impact

Texas Pride Restoration is exactly who you need to repair your home when it is impacted by a vehicle. We are a full service restoration contractor located in Keller, TX. We fix homes hit by vehicles all over the D/FW metroplex.


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  • Water damage can originate from a leaky roof or sewer back up, but most often from a broken pipe or water supply line running to sinks, toilets, ice makers, washing machines and the list goes on. The most severe water damage seems to occur when...